We offer various prayers upon request. Please feel free to contact us.

Exercises of Devotion
at the Shrine or at Your Place

Ceremonies upon Request

With a reservation, you can have a ceremony exercised without having to wait.
You’re welcome to drop by at the shrine office for reservation, as you come to worship the deity.
On the days of the events, the priests are on duty on the premises.
Photography within the premises of the shrine is permitted in principle.

Your choice of prayer ceremonies are offered upon request.

Baby-blessing, Seven-Five-Three ceremony, car-blessing, matchmaking, easy delivery, safety of the family, Shinto wedding, thanksgiving, good fortune, health, recovery, burning of used charms and talismans, safety of the workplace, prosperity of the company, academic achievement, success in entrance exams, victory, safety in construction work, etc.

Information for On-site Ceremonies

We also offer on-site ceremonies below. Advance reservation is necessary, but we might be able to accomodate the request on the same day.

[On-site Ceremonies]
Ground-breaking ceremony
(to purify the land and pray for safety in construction work)
House demolition ceremony
(to thank the house for the shelter it has provided and pray for safety in demolition work)
House purification ceremony
(to purify the new or used house upon moving in)
Ridge-raising ceremony
(to pray for safety in construction and safety of the family upon completion of the framework)
House alter ceremony
(to install a new alter,  return the old alter to the shrine, or give thanks to teh alter for its protection)
Well-buring ceremony
(to bury an old well)
Tree-blessing ceremony
(to be performed before cutting down a tree)
Purification ceremony
(to purify a spot of accident or other events of ill omen or persons involved)